155,000 Ridership In 2019 – FRTA Is Keen On Improving Its Services

The Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) is a regional transit authority that provides public transportation based in the county seat of Greenfield, Massachusetts which was established in 1978. The FRTA currently serves 41 communities throughout Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, and Worcester Counties.

FRTA also provides complementary ADA paratransit service, non-ADA demand response service in 35 municipalities, two pilot FRTA Access micro-transit programs, and a Med-Ride program in 25 communities with volunteer drivers.
While it is not the state's largest transit agency, the FRTA covers the most ground, with 1121.08 square miles of service coverage. Being able to cover such a huge land, their operational facts show their efficiency and success story in the state of Massachusetts.
According to their reports released in 2020, their average ridership is 155,000, whereas peaking at 180,403 riders in the year 2015.
The FRTA is a governmental entity that receives funding from the federal, state, and local governments, as well as farebox and advertising revenues.
They originally had four fixed routes, but with the convergence of services, the fixed route service has grown to nine. With a fleet size of 8 busses, 8 minibus, and 21 vans, they are operating in 9 fixed routes. As of 2019, the agency has 35,840 revenue hours and 593,333 revenue miles.
As a part of their agency mission “FRTA is keen on providing improved services that will improve the quality of life, through cost-effective, accessible, safe, dependable, and courteous transportation services “
Hence, FRTA (Franklin Regional Transit Authority) has selected HBSS' ITMS 7.0 Cloud-Based Brokerage Software System and Cloud IVR system as its platform to fulfill its Human Services Transportation contracts for Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Early Intervention (EI), and Department of Medical Assistance (DMA).
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