40,000 Trips annually – Burke County transit reaching new levels in public transit services

Burke County is a county located along the eastern border of the U.S. state of Georgia in Piedmont. Being the second-largest in area, the County is spread over 835 square miles of which 827 square miles is land and 8.0 square miles (1.0%) is water. As the place is well known for its Quality of life, it emerged as one of the important counties in Georgia.
With a housing quality rate of 73% according to US News and world reports, Burke County is one of the most preferable places to live. Transit connections through Air and roadways make it even more desirable to reside. As for the public transit services, Burke Transit operates a rural public transit system. Rural demand response provides service throughout the service area of Burke County.
Burke County Transit is a sub-recipient of FTA funds and provides service for medical appointments, pharmacy visits, school, work, & shopping in the area.
According to their reports, the agency carried out nearly 40,000 trips in the year 2019. Nearly 70% of those trips are fulfilled with complete user satisfaction. During April 2019, the system served 206 unique riders, averaging over 16 trips per person. This Indicates that nearly 2500 unique riders in a year.
Eight different vehicles provided this service, averaging 200 revenue hours per vehicle. From 2011, four new vehicles were added to the service. Burke Transit System has 6 total employees across all its locations and generates $101,220 in sales (USD).
The largest share of demand response trips provided during April 2019, was funded by the DHS Aging program (42.3%). Other funding sources were Medicaid (36.4%) and General Public Transit (21.2%).
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