Clear Cell Hidradenoma: Report of three cases
Rashmi Aderao
August 20, 2022
Clear cell hidradenoma is a benign eccrine gland tumour with a rare incidence of malignant transformation. It is more commonly seen in adult females in the second to fifth decades. Head and face are the most common sites. On histopathology. Tumour shows periodic acid–Schiff-positive clear cells and polyhedral cells. The recurrence rate is low if the lesion is completely excised. Here, we report three cases of clear cell hidradenoma presenting as a solitary nodule on the neck, scalp, and chest.

Keywords: Clear cell hidradenoma, eccrine, sweat gland

The first case is a 30-year-old female who presented with an asymptomatic. Slow-growing lesion over the nape of the neck for a 3-year duration. Associated with bleeding on trauma or manipulation. There was no history of preceding trauma. The patient underwent excision of the lesion one year prior to presenting to us followed by recurrence. Cutaneous examination of the patient revealed a solitary erythematous nodule of 2 cm in diameter. On the nape of the neck with crusting on the surface of the lesion. (Figure a)

Figure 1

Figure 1: (a) solitary erythematous, firm nodule of 2 cm in diameter with crusting on the surface over the nape of the neck. (b) single erythematous nodule of 0.5 cm diameter on the scalp with minimal crusting. (c) single, sessile, indurated, skin-colored nodule with the bosselated surface on the left side of the chest.

The second case is a 58-year-old male who presented with a small. Asymptomatic solitary lesion on the scalp for a 3-month duration. There was a history of slight serous discharge from the lesion with crust formation. Cutaneous examination of the patient revealed a single erythematous nodule of ½-cm in diameter. On the scalp with minimal crusting [Figure 1]b.

The third case is a 60-year-old male who presented with a single slow-growing asymptomatic lesion. On the chest for 2 years wit