A beginner’s guide to buying, tasting, pairing & enjoying wine

With the relief of putting the pandemic outrage behind us, the vaccine & all-in motion, we are relaxed enough to make some party plans. Though corona has not gone from our lives completely, at least the worst seems to be over. A good party equals a good amount of alcohol (almost every time ??). Thus, to order alcohol online is a fast-catching trend what with the lockdown & social distancing requirements.
Wine – “The drink of Gods” (Luckily available at liquor store delivery these days??)
Wine has managed to take the top spot, period when it comes to a choice at enjoying a classic drink. Basically, classified into two categories, viz; Red & White wine, the subcategorization is vast & dates as old as 6000 BC with its origins in Georgia & Iran. Each wine offers its distinct taste & personality, all now available readily at wine delivery online.

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