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Add Current date and time stamp on photo with auto stamper for photo app

Submitted by • January 2, 2017

Auto Stamper for Photo application is a photography application which is for both android and iOS. This application allow user to make/create/design your own stamp for your photo. App provide users to add current Date and Time to the hoto by feature named "Auto Date and Time Stamp on Photo".

Sometime at any events we capture photo and selfie. But problem rise in future when we recall our happy moments from our photo album and we don’t remember actual date and time of that picture was clicked. To solve this issue Auto stamper for Photo is develop which allow user to overcome from this headache. This app free photodater to add current date and time on images. User can click pictures with date stamp and time stamp on it.

Auto stamper for photo is best date photo stamper and Time photo stamper application. This is the only application featured of use of default camera for add stamp on pictures. User can capture the photo with date stamp on it through smartphone’s default camera.

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