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About the Book The book has two sections Poems and stories. The collection varies from family members to nature. They also cover few environmental issues and observations. About the Author TARINI KHER... Read More

This book was first published in 1998. The stories in this book are based on the principle that our subconscious mind records everything happening around us – what the eyes... Read More

Holy Flavours will help you take the leap and make the right choices for your plate. The recipes will not only make plants taste yummy and nourishing, but more than... Read More

Flavours of Home is an awe inspiring, stunningly photographed Cookbook, in which the author meanders through memory lane,going back to family roots in Lahore and Bhera of pre partition India... Read More

Tale of the Lonely Asian Kid will lead you to the life of Krish, the only child of an NRI family in Europe. However, the book is written from the... Read More

The Inevitable Past is one of the best selling mystery thriller books in the category. Its a perplexing plot. The book carries around a world of Out of Blue circumstances... Read More

The book has the power to sail through the readers and anybody who starts reading wants to complete the book. It reveal the secretes teachings that given us a body... Read More

This book is a distilled collection of some of Mr. Madhusudana Rao Vepakomma’s works that can help sharpen one’s intellect and have fun at the same time. This ancient literary... Read More