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Medical Coding Outsourcing is a reliable coding company with over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. The decision to outsource your medical coding needs to us is a practical and prudent one. Our certified coders will ensure your coding is done accurately and clean claims submitted. We ensure that your reimbursements are done quickly and you are paid in full for your healthcare services.

By partnering with us, you will get enormous benefits. Some of them are
• Reduced direct and overhead expenses: By outsourcing your coding work to us, you will be able to save 30-50% of your outgoings like salaries, office space, software, hardware, supplies, employee benefits and more.
• Certified Coders, improves accuracy: Our team consists of certified professional coders who are regularly trained. Our coders ensure all coding is done accurately without under-coding or over-coding, thus reducing denials.
• Improved cash flow: All processes are monitored so that there is an efficient and quick workflow. The coding process itself undergoes an internal audit so that claims are error-free. Reimbursements are faster and denials are kept to the minimum. The cash flow is consistent for you.
• Compliance oriented: Our team is always aware of the changes in healthcare industry regulations and are trained accordingly. We adhere to all compliance regulations. Compliance is integrated into all our processes.
• Flexible pricing models: To cater to various clients and their needs, we offer flexible pricing models.

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