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Bennett University is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and extensive library resources. The campus supports holistic learning with amenities such as hostels, sports facilities, and recreational areas, along with advanced IT infrastructure and smart classrooms.
The faculty comprises highly qualified professionals with international experience, dedicated to mentoring students and fostering research and entrepreneurial ventures. Strong industry connections facilitate internships, placements, and collaborative projects, ensuring students gain real-world experience and are well-prepared for their careers.
Extracurricular activities are a key focus, with a vibrant campus life enriched by clubs, societies, and events. This holistic educational approach aims to develop well-rounded individuals with strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
Bennett University commitment to excellence in education, research, and innovation positions it as a leading institution in India, preparing students to become future-ready professionals and global citizens. The university continuously adapts to meet the evolving demands of industry and society, ensuring its graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic world.
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Bennett University – The Times Group

Bennett University, nestled in Greater Noida, stands as a beacon of academic excellence with its comprehensive offerings across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. Our campus is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including advanced laboratories, spacious classrooms, and extensive research resources, fostering an environment conducive to learning and innovation.

At Bennett University, students benefit from a faculty comprising industry experts and experienced educators who impart practical knowledge and mentorship. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning through internships, industry collaborations, and real-world projects, preparing students to excel in their chosen fields upon graduation.

Beyond academics, Bennett University nurtures a vibrant campus community enriched by diverse extracurricular activities, cultural events, and student clubs. This holistic approach not only enhances personal growth but also cultivates leadership skills and fosters lifelong friendships.

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