[Best 120+] Quotes On No Expectations About Life, Love

Quotes On No Expectations | It is said that people who are always free from stress and happy are because they do not expect anything of any kind. They live in the present and face the good and bad times positively.

When a person expects something, then his chances are very high that he will get hurt in the end. But if a person does not have any expectations, he is ready for good and bad results, then he will not feel that bad.

Many people around the world are living in a world of expectation. They always expect something like passing in the interview, promotion in job, the anticipation of never deceiving life partner.

It is true in a way, but they feel a lot of pain when the expectation is broken. What if a person is ready in both the ways in all this? I mean, he should be prepared for good results and bad results. So in such a situation, he will not have much pain because his feeling would not be so attached.

What do you think about expectations, do share them in the comment below? In this article, we will read some motivational quotes related to expectations.

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