Best Airline Aggregator Company

Airline Aggregators are those technology companies who combine airline's NDC into a single API.
As you heard about Airlines now moving toward NDC and putting a surcharge on GDS to promote their NDC. Basically, GDS is a third man between airlines and Travel Agent or Travel Management Company (TMC) so now airlines want to cut this third man and want to connect directly to the Travel agent and TMC.
Here is the main problem if you want to connect with NDC directly with airlines then you have to maintain a link to every airline individually. But Airline Aggregators combine all NDC into a single API and that is easy to maintain for an Agent or TMC.
You can check the Airline Aggregator list on the IATA website here is one of my favorite which has around 23+ airlines connected is Airline Technology. 
Airline Technology is certified by IATA level 4 Full Offer & Order Management and this company using latest version of API.
NDC Deployment Partners with Airline Technology are: British Airways, Hahn Air Lines, Condor Flugdienst GmbH Airline, Emirates Airline, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa Airline, Swiss International Air Lines, Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada

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