Big Data – How data is becoming the epicentre of modern world

Have you ever wondered about human history and our existence on this earth? Sounds like a heavy discussion, as it’s not just about a few years, but many known and unknown million years and now 2021 also becomes a part of the same. While the earliest traces of human existence go back to six million years, we evolved to become humans only about 2,00,000 years ago. More interestingly, the civilized form of our living began only 6,000 years ago. The post-industrialization era is just 200 years old; the democratic world order has been established only within the last 100 years, and the modern digital world after the rise of the internet is merely into its 37th year. In the context of human history, our current living, system and culture are insignificant when compared to the several million years before this day, however, from the perspective of human progress and development, it is undisputed that the past couple of centuries weighs a lot more than the thousand centuries before.

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