Binance | OKEX | Huobi | Trading BOT with MLM Mobile App

Binance | OKEX | Huobi | Trading BOT with MLM Mobile App
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Automated Trading
Our trading bot is developed with state-of-the-art automation techniques to provide crypto traders a smooth and seamless trading experience. Users only need to fill in the basic conditions, and the bot takes care of the rest.
Risk Management
Our crypto bot is embedded with strategic and objective risk management features like stop-loss & spend limitations to minimize the traders’ risks and offer them huge profits. Users can utilize these factors to trade efficiently.
Traders get the opportunity to edit and modify their current trade orders even in peak trading hours. The dynamic editable stop-loss feature helps users to make sure that they don’t lose their funds even in the volatile crypto market.
Fixed Profit
With the Fixed Profit functionality, our bot assists traders in attaining substantial profits by trading their funds at the right time for the right price. Users can set the ‘sell amount,’ and the bot executes the trade automatically.
Limit & Market
Our crypto bot implements both Limit and Market strategies effectively.

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