Breast Implants Market, by Implant Type, by Shape,by Application,by End user,and by Region-Global Tr

Breast implants are artificial surgery prosthesis made of either silicone gel, silica or saline solutions. The procedure for breast implantation, also known as breast augmentation, involves reconstruction of breasts to improve the effects of mastectomy or other damages to breasts or enlarging breast for cosmetic and aesthetics. Breast implant and its reconstruction requires tissue expanders that helps in expansion of breast muscles and skin. A permanent breast implant is inserted post removal of the tissue expander. Breast implant procedure is performed mostly on an outpatient basis, which takes only an hour or two to finish the implantation process. However, the surgery time can be extended depending on the patient’s condition of breasts, the type of implant to be used, and other factors.

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