Bus Ticket Booking System | Online Bus Booking System

Bus Ticket Booking System is an automated system for purchasing online bus tickets. This system is a user-friendly method to manage the whole bus system. Most importantly, the online bus ticket booking system has made everything easier for businesses and passengers as well.
CW Ticketing provides an online and on-demand ticket booking service to make your life convenient, easier and smarter. Adopt your own branded website, mobile apps (Android & iOS) and allow your users to book tickets for different routes and destinations.
Bus Booking System has some features that attract people to use the bus as their preferred means of journey. This feature is Real-time seat view, Real-time tracking, Payment gateway, Journey notification, and many more.
Users can see the seat availability in real-time with the ‘seat view’ feature. It will help them select their choice of seats easily. Not only the users, but the agents can easily see the seat status by having a short glance at the seating chart. Using the bus ticket booking system, users can easily pay via various payment gateways. The payment gateway is more secure, and faster than the traditional method. The mobile app notification of the ticketing system will alert the passengers of their journey timetables. The push notification feature will help the passengers to remember their journey time and other details. If you are looking for a way to reform your business, consider having a bus ticket booking system. Not only it will smoothen your way to success but will take your business to a higher level in a quick time.
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