Caught pressing on classmate's boobs

When I was in 12th class there was a girl named Kritika in my class. I cracked it in a week and used to enjoy it. Once upon a time both of us used to come early in the morning and there was a place in the school and I used to enjoy it while sitting there. So one day both of us were sitting there and I was pressing his milk by putting my hand inside his kurta.

I picked up his shirt and started sucking his milk. His milk was all white and the nipples were brown. I was sucking his milk, sometimes pulling his nipple and sometimes biting the nipple. I was having a lot of fun when a voice came from behind, O children, what are you doing there? I understood and I told him to run and jump off the back wall and run away. We turned around again and went back to school.There was no one in his house that day and he told me to leave the house and how could I leave such an opportunity. We reached his house and I said not to call in and went inside with him……………Read more

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