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Commercial Toilet vs Residential – What is the Difference?

Commercial Toilet vs Residential – What is the Difference?

Submitted by • April 19, 2020

Although tankless toilets are mostly used in commercial organizations. Some models have been introduced for residential use. However, you will need a pump or other technologies to flush them powerfully.

Since tankless toilets or flushometer toilets don’t store excess water in the tank, the water consumption will be less. The size of tankless toilets is also smaller than traditional residential toilets, which makes your bathroom design flexible.

Besides, tankless toilets have fewer maintenance issues because of not having breakable parts such as valves, floating balls, etc. like the toilets with a tank.

On the downside, flushometer valve toilets tend to make more noise when installed at homes. You will also have to use water supply pipes with at least one 1-meter diameter; otherwise, you will have to wait for the toilet ball to refill.

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