Symptoms of crystal meth addiction:
Addiction does not happen suddenly, but there are psychological and physical signs that appear on you that indicate the beginning of the drug’s control over your life and your need to stop using. Symptoms of a crystal addict include:

An intense craving for the drug.
nervousness and agitation;
Unable to stop taking the drug.
dizziness and lightheadedness;
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Lots of talk without purpose.
Suffering from insomnia.
rapid breathing
Social isolation.
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Complications and damages of crystal meth addiction:
In the long run, the symptoms of crystal abuse cause serious damage, including:

Severe depression up to suicide.
Auditory and visual hallucinations.
bouts of doubt
Feeling persecuted.
Severe agitation.
Strokes and heart attacks.
Damage to liver and kidney function.
committing murders and going to prison.
Risk of overdose and death.

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