DAUK’s proposes reallocating ARRS to Pharmacy First and acute care hub pilots

At their recent online briefing, DAUK’s GP committee outlined a comprehensive 10-point plan designed to relieve pressure on GPs, improve access, reduce
mortality rates, lower hospital admissions, and enhance patient satisfaction.

DAUK’s manifesto advocates reallocating resources, including the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS), currently directed towards Pharmacy First and
acute care hub pilots, amounting to £2 billion.

This strategic reallocation aims to enhance primary care capacity and reduce reliance on acute services.

Dr Lizzie Toberty, DAUK’s GP lead, emphasised the critical need for patients to have timely access to GPs who understand their needs, stating, “We need patients
to be able to see a GP who knows them and understands their needs in a timely way wherever possible.”

She highlighted DAUK’s vision to restore general practice as the cornerstone of the NHS through practical, achievable solutions.