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DCSHRM Safety Management – A Safe Workplace

DCSHRM Safety Management – A Safe Workplace

Submitted by • July 9, 2020

DCSHRM Safety Management is a Leading Safety Provider in Safety Market through the last many years. We Specialize in a Safety Software, Illness and Injury, Workplace Safety Management and Many more. Contact us for free consultation now.
The B-SAFE app
The B-SAFE app is a comprehensive safety solution for every type and size of business. Our app has been developed by safety professionals together with business owners and managers to maximize results without wasting time. B-SAFE lets the administrator take control of safety training in order to protect the business and the businesses most valuable asset, people. The B-SAFE app simplifies safety compliance by pushing training directly to an employee’s mobile device, testing their knowledge of the delivered topic and automating searchable documentation.

The B-SAFE app is a powerful and customizable platform that allows the user to select a pre-built industry specific safety program, customize a safety program by selecting the compo

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