Growing from Determination, Partnership, and Technology to Exceptional Industry Standards

It needs the determination to raise standards of service, especially in sectors such as Paratransit and NEMT where the users involved are of challenging needs. Tanya Biggers and Larry Biggers have approached this challenge in 2013 by offering a responsive and dynamic entrepreneur network to structuralize the vision through Big Star Transit.
Big Star today has evolved into a diverse network of Small Business Enterprises and Owner-Operators from local neighborhoods, mentoring them and turning them into high-performing and responsible business owners. The team of operators and client partners worked tooth and nail to reinvent the passenger experience without compromising safety and performance and set a new standard of service.
The network of Small Business Enterprise partners and owner-Operators helps passengers reach safely to their important functions such as medical appointments, passengers traveling in a wheelchair, or need of physical assistance are helped to get around. Operators and their vehicles are safety certified in all aspects of NEMT and Paratransit services.
The contractors of Big Star are happy to work with the agency due to their renowned leadership, every contractor gets assisted by a professional team of industry experts to lead innovative advancement, and updates with the industry. The agency brought together the foremost specialists in public transit, NEMT, paratransit, venture capital, compliance, diversity and inclusion, and more.
Another plus of partnering with Big Star is their Technology. The Agency has developed its own technology in partnership with Qryde to monitor every phase of the ride, be it the car speed, vehicle safety metrics, or arrival time. The software facilitates monitoring of the network in real-time with utmost accuracy, minimal human errors leaving no risk to safety. This delivers accountability to both passengers and operators.

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