High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

The maximum speed is 25000r/min and Maximum RCF of 64800xg.
Equipped with the functions for indication of the centrifugal acceleration (x g) and for operation under the preset centrifugal acceleration as standard specifications.
Interlocking mechanism is being employed as the door locking means.
Equipped with the alarm indication function and automatic stopping Function.
Abundant time settings are available starting from units of seconds to the “hold” range.
Large LCD display provides all visual information.
Whisper quiet operation
Brushless motor drive, maintenance free.
Bio-containment rotors, and safe.
Special double cooling air design, minimizes rotor heating
-20°C TO – 40°C temperature range
Powerful compressor and cooling system, fast cooling
Pulse operation for quick spins
Automatic door lock
Over-speed detection
Over-temperature detector

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