How Can Healthcare Institutions Provide Increased Access to Medical and Wellness Transportation?

QRyde software by HBSS is another solution to improve medical transportation issues in America. Public and private transportation providers use QRyde to efficiently assign their qualified drivers and vehicles to better meet demand in their region. This solves some problems that Uber Health and Lyft cannot address- a lack of trained drivers, inappropriate vehicles and lack of service in rural areas.

HBSS’ vision for QRyde is to provide door-to-door medical transportation utilizing existing providers at public transportation prices. In other words, QRyde is helping to maximize the efficiency of medical transportation while maintaining affordable prices to increase accessibility for all.

One tool for maximizing efficiency is QRyde’s facility portal that allows individuals and institutions to easily coordinate rides with regional public and private transportation providers. Rides can be booked, managed and paid for all in one convenient location.

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