How to Apply for a Bis FMCS Certificate More Easily in 2024

To obtain a BIS FMCS certificate in 2024, conduct these steps:

Make an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) appointment: As the point of contact between the manufacturer and BIS, appoint an AIR.

Fill up and apply: Complete the BIS FMCS application form and attach the required documents, such as the test report, factory inspection report, and product details.

Pay costs: Pay all relevant costs, such as those for licensing, testing, and applications.

Factory Inspection: To make sure that quality requirements are being followed, BIS carries out a factory inspection.

Testing and Certification: The product is tested in a lab that has been approved by BIS, and if it passes the necessary standards, it is awarded a BIS FMCS certificate.

You can quicken the application process and raise your chances of receiving a BIS FMCS certificate in 2024 by adhering to these guidelines.