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How To REACT And RESPOND To Situations By Shashikant Khamkar

Submitted by • September 7, 2019

How you behave in any situation depends on you.

No situation is under your control, but how you have to react to it is absolutely under your control.If someone calls you good or provokes you, it is natural that you get excited and your response is also angry, you also start abusing in response. Why this is right, your response is natural, no, you have done something wrong, someone has instigated you and you are excited.

But it is not necessary that the tea became bad, you could not do anything in it, you did not have any emphasis on the loss of water or traffic, or on the scolding of the boss or in the evening when the power went out or not. You could not choose to be.But what you could choose was that all these circumstances should not have any effect on your mind. You could have chosen to be happy even in all these situations.

So learn to take control in your life, learn to choose, do not react in any situation without thinking, learn to respond calmly and comfortably.

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