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How To Start An ICO And Build Your Own CryptoCoin or Token

How To Start An ICO And Build Your Own CryptoCoin or Token

Submitted by • July 19, 2019

The Process of Building a Coin
From a developer’s perspective, the process of creating a coin and a landing page using the Ethereum platform are as follows.

Agreeing upon a set of specifications will help in laying down the rules and avoid making updates which might reduce the trust from the community. Basic parameters like start date, end date, minimum and maximum caps and the currency for exchange are discussed and confirmed during this phase.

Smart Contract Implementation, Testing & Deployment
All lines of codes are tested thoroughly and tests are conducted for all possible scenarios. Static code analysis, audit and code review helps to detect inconsistent behaviour and fix them.

Tools of the Trade
To develop a basic Ethereum Smart Contract to represent a coin with a simple Initial Coin Offering can be accomplished with Solidity as the programming language, OpenZeppelin Solidity contracts as the foundation for the Smart contract, Truffle Framework as the testing an

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