Indore street food | Indori food | Top 5 Indore famous Restaurant

This Is my next blog is 56 dukhan you all know that Indore to pride of 56 dukhan. Every Time is Crowd in 56 shop 7 days is open. Indore people Know as Foodies.
Indore people Known as Food because Every Food Very delicious and every food is make to unique.56 shop famous
in the country Chappan Dukhan is must-visit place for all foodies where you can all people find street food. that are every shop food very good cheap and quality.
This market abuzz with a huge verity of item you can have many type of sweets. chhat.foods, hotdog and hot & drink, cold coffees Etc. all at one place.

you might wonder why place been name is Chappan Dukan which literlly means 56 shop !! Originally!! If you count number of piller
between tha shop, you'll actually see that there are axactly 56 shops!!

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