Informatica Training in Chennai

I've recently joined the Informatica community intending to become a professional and certified Informatica consultant. I'm studying for Informatica certification now. Do you have any suggestions on Informatica training? Is there any benefit to learning Informatica? I'm having this doubt as to when I see my competitor who is in the top with the best skills in their respective area they are paid well as compare to me and my qualification. Any suggestions?
First of all, congratulations on your endeavor and enthusiasm. I think that with hard work and dedication, you can be among the "best in your area" in no time.
I've just completed training on Informatica 10.1. I'm pleased with the training, the instructors, and the quality of the course content. For a novice, the course content is very well written and presented in a manner that it was easy to learn and absorb.
I am not a "certified" Informatica professional, but I've been in the Informatica field for the past 12 years and I got my first certification (in 2009) from "E-Learning Network". I've since acquired several Informatica certifications as well as several other certifications from other vendors. Each certification has different benefits.
The Informatica certification you mentioned, though not related to "professionals", has definite benefits: it shows you've passed a rigorous exam that's difficult to pass for anyone, even experienced professionals. I wouldn't advise someone to pass an Informatica course (or any other exam) just to pass an exam, but if you've got the money to spend on an exam, then go for it.

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