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Squid Challenge Survival Game is a traditional simulation k game that is a famous childhood Korean game. In this game, you have to participate as Player 456 to beat opponents to win the 45.6 billion coin prize.

Red Light Green Light is the first game to enter in competition in which you have to run when the signal is Green Light, and you have to stop when the signal is Red Light Player can not move during the Red Light. If the player does any motion player and is caught by giant Doll will be eliminated and shot. To complete, level player 456 has to reach the finish line.

Squid Challenge Survival Game level Highlights

Red Light Green Light: cross the finish line within the limited time frame.

Suger Honeycombs: in the candy game or sugar cookie, the player needs to be careful to separate the candy.

Survival Game: Player have to fight with the other player to survive.

Marbles: One Vs One marble game between player 456 and contestant.

Tug of War: Player strength, alertness and intelligence need to be fully utilized at this level to pull the rope.

Hopscotch: Player has to remember all the glass tiles to jump on the glass. This level is also known as glass stepping stones.

Survival challenge is easy to play. You have to touch at the right time. Make sure the player complete each challenge within the limited time frame.

Download Now and play the game and challenge yourself to become the last survivor of the game.

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