Inveda Anti Pigmentation Skin Care Kit

Due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins half of the generation is suffering from pigmentation and moreover, due to stress and harmful pollutants 60% of the women face signs of pigmented skin.

In fact, to get rid of this issue, Inveda brings the natural treasure for all the people directly from Ayurveda to your desk. Enriched with natural extracts and holy herbs to impart the pigment free skin in sometime. Also, Inveda’s Anti Pigmentation skincare kit is the right product to treat melasma & hyper- pigmentation. It effectively works on pigmentation correction and restore natural skin & improves your skin texture permanently.

Basically, pigmentations, blemishes, freckles and dark spots all are belongs to the same family of skin issues. Furthermore, are very tough to cure. But fret not! Inveda’s Anti Pigmentation Kit is formulated after a wide research on herbal compounds that are combined & created with a perfect pigment removal challenge. Moreover, this magical Anti Pigmentation Kit is all set to give you clear tone. Loaded with Rosemary, lemon & turmeric that targets the black darkspots and pigment patches & imparts you perfect flawless skin with radiant glow.

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