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Is Plastic Ban Is The Last Hope To Save Earth?

Is Plastic Ban Is The Last Hope To Save Earth?

Submitted by • July 27, 2020

Plastic Ban is an initiative took by the government to enforce a state to make strong rules against manufacturing, storing the single-use plastic products like Polybags and Styrofoam.

This rule is made by Indian government 2 October 2019 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, For plastic-free India, I just want to tell you the great quote of Mahatma Gandhi

Be the Change You Want to See In This World.

Mahatma Gandhi
Plastic Ban Is one of our step towards reducing plastic pollution, And there is so many nations are coming forward to do plastic ban in his own country.

Bangladesh Is the First country that banned plastic for the first time in 2002 because they found plastic is responsible for flood disaster in the country.

What’s In It For Me?
Why Plastic Ban Is Important?
What Is The Effect Of Plastic Ban?
Causes Of Single-Use Plastic
Plastic Ban Approach In Different Countries
How To Execute Plastic Ban More Effectively?
Steps Given UN

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