KVCAP partners with Penquis accelerating community growth at Kennebec and Somerset

People of Kennebec and Somerset have been availing Kennebec Valley Community Action Program's (KVCAP) non-profit community action program for 40 years. The program has been supporting various income classes to achieve economic and social independence through a variety of services hence gaining the popularity of thousands of residents across these counties.
The tailor-made program aims to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by providing services directly or through their partners, creating sustainable solutions to growing environments and poverty. The team envisions to secure a better augmentation for thriving communities made up of individuals and families who are healthy, financially secure by enabling them to reach their fullest potential. As part of their several aspects, KVCAP also committed itself to enrich the existing transportation system while partnering with MaineCare and Penquis in developing a dependable and safe transportation service. In due process, there are stronger working relationships established with the local communities enhancing social bonds.
The Transportation team is happy to be open, opportunistic, and flexible for an innovative group of people. Their precision and efficiency for services have accurately translated to their success running public transport (Kennebec Explorer and Somerset Explorer) and NEMT services (MaineCare Transportation, Friends & Family Driver Program, Become a Volunteer Driver). The solutions not only made the quality of life better for residents but also established economic stability for the drivers.
The ride-booking and servicing parties connect through an app developed by HBSS-"Qryde" which jointly serves both KVCAP and their collaborative partner Penquis. The collaboration and adequate technology made health and seniors' transportation better by including buses and ride tracking besides paratransit services.

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