Live Online Digital marketing course

Pastell is an online education based company that offers great value to its users by providing world class training on Digital Marketing. The world economy can be classified into 2 major ways a pre-covid world economy (before 2019) and the post covid world economy (post 2020).

The post covid modern digital economy is hugely triggered by the adoption of the digital platforms by the masses and by almost all the business. But digital marketing is much more than a job provider, digital marketing requires lesser programming skill or lesser capital to start a business.

Even if you are business person, understanding digital marketing can help you accelerate business and can help you make valuable decisions both at a business sand marketing level.

The non linear rapid adoption of Digital by business created a huge job market, We believe that anyone can learn digital marketing starting from school students, college students, house wives, job seekers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The courses are designed for people with varied educational background, experienced trainers and period assignments make our programs a very enticing option.

Pastell was started on 24-October-2019. We are based out of Perungudi, Chennai. With offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad

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