Mahara Schools – Best Preschools & Playschools In Hyderabad

At Mahara, our philosophy is to value the importance of nurturing the child and providing them with an environment where they can bring out their maximum potential and learn to express themselves in the best possible way. Our approach to your child’s early education is to create a learning habitat that helps enhance their power of thought and facilitate their ability to express their emotions.

The motto of the Mahara schools in Hyderabad, Telangana is to provide an ambience and atmosphere appropriate to the young kids and an individualistic approach. As the best preschools in Hyderabad, the Mahara Kondapur branch has brought in a new perspective to kindergarten teaching. Our main ethos is to provide the highest quality of children at the daycare centres in a safe & loving environment based on our fundamentals of 3Es. Enquire, Explore & Experiment. Our play schools and preschools in Hyderabad promotes learning programs primarily through music, art, drama, dance, puppet show, field trips, Indoor and outdoor activities and adventure.

Mahara Preschool and Daycare located conveniently amidst all the Tech firms and residential complexes, Mahara School Kondapur, is the largest centre in Hyderabad, equipped with large classrooms, age-appropriate teaching aids, various zones of activity and an appropriate adult to child ratio.

Designed keeping in mind the safety of the child, this centre has live web streaming for parents to access at any point in time. Here, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace in highly supervised learning zones that cater to the intellectual stimulation of a child.

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