Manage Transfers is a lead generation company providing excellent results on your investments. We de

Debt Settlement Leads Transfer, Manage Transfers specialize in providing you with the best leads for debt settlements and debt consolidations. The best quality live transfer leads credit repair leads that have been double verified; are provided to our clients so that they can help the customers with these issues.

ome opt for debt consolidation or go the opposite route by declaring bankruptcy. However, one of the most common routes is debt settlement. Based on the number of our clients that sell debt settlement leads, debt settlement appears to be just as popular as a lead vertical.

Debt Settlement Lead Generation
Generating and selling debt settlement leads works the same as most lead verticals. Some generate their leads in real-time while others make outbound calls and either transfer the live lead or submit a voice to data lead. Additionally, the debt settlement lead form is typically short and uncomplicated unless custom questions are asked. In order to sell debt settlement leads in real time, you need a lead distribution system that handles all tracking, segmentation and distribution of each lead.

Debt settlement leads that convert
Manage Transfer's debt relief leads are primed to convert. Instead of using deceptive bait-and-switch methods to trick people into providing their contact details, our leads only include consumers who request a free debt relief consultation.

Lead Criteria / Lead Parameters
Min unsecured credit card debt amount – 15k.
No student loan, payday loan, car loan or any secured debt.
Behind on payments or facing hardship.
Must be either employed / self employed / retired with source of income.
Must be able to afford 2% of debt load every month.
Must not be working with anyone for any debt program and must not be under BK.
Must have time and is willing to listen to the offer of the specialist.

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