Most important full form BBC and DD in computer

you all will know what a computer is and how a computer is used. you will know all these things very well.
In this post today, we will learn about some words related to computer, which is called BBC, DD, the language of the computer, its full form will also know about its use. During all the communication agencies in the world, B.B.C is named prominently in AAP’s time.
* B.B.C presents its news only on both radio and TV. In this time of your life, the influence of B.B.C is also seen on Social Media.Introduction of B.B.C: – B.B.C was started on 14, October 1922, when B.B.C was started, at that time B.B.C used to make his news available in the radio only.
*B.B.C was founded in London, also became the first such news agency in the world which was able to broadcast news at the national level. And gradually it has spread all over the world, expanding itself.

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