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Music Amplifies Concentration Power & Brain Development in Children

Music Amplifies Concentration Power & Brain Development in Children

Submitted by • June 12, 2020

Music has long been held as a universal language whose appeal transcends the boundaries of time and nations. As such, the musical notes have influenced human emotions and acted as a way of expression for the longest time. Right from the childhood lullabies to the love for pop and rock on growing up, music is one of the lifelong companions that we have. But, have you ever wondered why the mind loves music so much? Or, even more importantly, how music can influence the brains of our young ones?

We, at Yuvashakti Model School, ranked among the Top 10 Schools in North West Delhi, have always believed that the influence of music goes way beyond pleasing the young minds of our kids. Several studies and research have proven beyond doubt that music has the ability to amplify concentration power and brain development in children. And, on that note, today we will take a closer look at how music is linked with focus and brainpower.

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