NSE cuts Nifty50, Nifty Financial Services F&O lot sizes to 25 & Nifty midcap to 50.

Activities complement to everything, and they have either a positive or negative effect on following steps in chain. Likewise, in an economy, higher employment reflects higher manufacturing and service data, which leads to rising GDP numbers, which leads to a higher stock market. The effect can sometimes be exacerbated or lessened, depending on the moment of discounting. A higher stock market, if seen from a layman's perspective, is always good, but in the stock market, where most traders are in the futures and option (F&O) segment, a rising stock market comes with a higher margin requirement. So in order to reduce the effect of volatility, increase volume, and increase the participation of retail investors, it is believed that the NSE reduces the lot size of the index or individual security.