Nurse Practitioner House Calls Atlanta

Change Your Life With a healthcare professional you can trust
As a Nurse Practitioner-led house call practice, our goal is to provide the extra time and attention necessary to manage acute and chronic conditions, coordinate care among specialists, and support caregivers. We offer exceptional in-home, non-emergency primary care and we can generally see a patient within 48 hours of your request.

What SouthBridge HouseCalls can do for you at home:
• Nurse Practitioner House Calls Atlanta.
• Treat acute illnesses like step throat, flu, and eye and ear infections.
• Provide IV infusion hydration
• Convenient and efficient access to high-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home.
• Assessment of the home environment for factors that may contribute to health and safety problems.
• Non-emergent medical problems(avoid trips to the ER!).
• Particularly beneficial to seniors or patients who may have greater difficulty leaving the home due to medical, mobility, or cognitive impairments.
• No waiting for doctors’ appointments. Appointments in the comfort of your home!
• Avoid long wait times. Avoid exposure to other illnesses in crowded waiting rooms.
• Family and caregivers of patients reduce time away from work and increase quality time with their loved ones through house calls rather than the hassle of office visits or trips to the ER
• Have prescriptive privileges

We provide treatment for acute conditions such as:
Allergies or hay fever
Cough or Cold
Eye infection or pink eye
Nausea or Vomiting
Prescription refills
Runny Nose
Urinary Tract Infections
IV Infusions
Antibiotics infusions
Cortisone injections
Minor laceration repair
Skin tag removal
Suture/staple removal
Laboratory Services
We provide patient counseling:
Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
Smoking Cessation
Safe Medication Use
Mental Health.

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