Pulp Egg Tray Machines From Leading Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers

Semi-automatic egg trays generally use a brick drying system and possess hourly output rates ranging from around 2000 to 2500pcs. They require additional machinery or manual workers to transport the wet molds towards the drying area. Meanwhile, automatic paper pulp molding machines provide an integrated drying system using a belt conveyor configuration. Consequently, wet egg trays are automatically transported for the drying component via a conveyor belt, and also the entire manufacturing process is automated. Top models can manufacture over 6000 egg trays an hour and will save an organization a lot of cash on manual labor costs.

There are numerous benefits of purchasing a paper pulp molding machine form a high-rated manufacturer like Beston Machinery, including professional delivery, installation service and 24-hour technical support. The best suppliers make certain that regardless of where your home is in the world, your machine is transported to your facility in a timely, secure manner. Additionally, it is possible to avail of professional installation services from the manufacturer's in-house engineers. Professional installation helps to ensure that your machine is properly configured and commissioned for long service life. A 24-hour service hotline means that you can also get advice regarding maintenance, repairs, and replacement components for your egg tray making machine.

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