Reasons to Care about Ending World Hunger

The importance of food is obvious and essential. Eating meals three times a day provides us the nutrients and energy to develop, grow, move, play, work, think, and be active. Access to food is a basic human right—vital for good health and ultimately for life itself. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to food. Some are lucky to eat once a day, and some would go hungry the entire day.

Ensuring that everyone has daily access to nutritious food has been a challenge for some nations. In a world of abundant wealth and resources, it is unacceptable how there are still people suffering from food insecurity. Timor-Leste, Madagascar, Haiti, and Mozambique are only four of the few countries mostly affected by hunger and malnutrition as of 2020. Imagine how hundreds of million people are facing severe food deprivation and looming famine.

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