Schematic diagram of manifold block plunger pump suction pressure oil,Guilong manifold blocks

Schematic diagram of manifold block plunger pump suction pressure oil,Guilong manifold blocksGuilong manifold blocks-Schematic diagram of manifold block plunger pump suction pressure oil
Definition of hydraulic
Hydraulic lock, as the name suggests, is a "lock", is to lock the circuit in the hydraulic system, do not let the loop oil flow, as shown in the figure, to ensure that the oil cylinder in the figure can still keep its position static even if there is a certain load outside.
The specific structure of the liquid control check valve is a check valve with a liquid control port. There are seat, ball, spring, hydraulic port, control plunger, and A,B,X three ports.
Schematic diagram of hydraulic lock
Application of hydraulic lock:manifold blocks
Hydraulic lock is mainly used for static lock load, can only achieve switch action, such as: truck crane outrigger, load is relatively small and the change is relatively stable of some airport climbing car, horizontal directional drill, shear difference type climbing car, fire truck, environmental protection vehicle and other equipment. It is not suitable for the dynamic speed control of descent with heavy load and large load change (smooth start and prevent stall during descent).
Hydraulic lock installation position:
Generally speaking, the hydraulic lock should be installed between the throttle valve and the slide valve (to prevent the back pressure of the throttle valve, delaying the locking speed of the hydraulic lock), to ensure that the hydraulic lock can quickly lock the actuator, so that it stays in the position we require to stay.
Application of hydraulic lock in the system
Hydraulic locking system multi-way valve in the choice of function:
It is generally recommended that users choose the open center multi-way valve median function (Y-type median For more information, visit

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