SEO tips to Index and rank new content – FASTER!

Indexing and Ranking
Linking in is Important
Just by doing the basic being writing a new blog and publishing it on your website you want to make sure you add links to your content. Links to important pages lets emphasize this. Linking to your website pages that you want special attention to is an important factor. This is the basic step and you don’t want to abandon those pages on your website. Such as your services page, the about page, it can be any such page that contains just the right information. Including these links in your post lets the crawler know that it is supposed to crawl these pages in the future. It creates a crawl queue for it. Google gets quality signals from these links that help it understand how to rank your page.

Revamp Old Content
A quick trick that shows us what is the rank of a particular page or website it by simply searching it against this prefix ‘site:’ This allows you to determine relevant pages of your site that include target keywords and is now good targets to include in your newer posts. Your older posts generated a good amount of traffic with the old Google algorithm and calling it again through a crawler will get you that and more traffic.

Increased Sharing
Content works best on all platforms because its optimisation is a prime focus for the leader of search engines – GOOGLE! Even though we add millions of content copies online we need to take extra efforts to push this content to the frontline to appear in relevant searches. This is clearly understood as the increase in competition has reduced the attention span of all consumers to almost nil. Hence, creating profiles on content aggregators such as Reddit helps you gain a higher authority over other content publishers. These aggregator sites enhance your added links for ranking and give external linking.

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