Sikh Beliefs Principles of Sikhi

Sikh beliefs, encapsulated within the principles of Sikhi, are rooted within the teachings of Sikh Gurus and the sacred scripture, Guru Granth Sahib. At the center of Sikhism lies the belief in One Creator, Ik Onkar, emphasizing the unity of all life. Sikhs observe a path of righteousness, guided through values such as equality, compassion, and carrier to humanity. The standards of Sikhi include the pursuit of sincere residing (Kirat Karni), sharing with others (Vand Chakna), and remembering the Divine in all elements of life (Naam Japna). Additionally, Sikhs are advocated to uphold moral integrity (Dharam Di Kirat) and stand towards injustice (Dharam Di Kirat). These ideas function a moral compass, guiding Sikhs to guide a existence of devotion, humility, and selfless provider to others