South Korea Seafood Market & Volume by Water, Companies, Forecast By 2027

South Korea is highly urbanized approx a quarter of its population lives in the city of Seoul. This country is a dynamic seafood market whose imports have grown exponential over the course of time. As per the Norwegian Sea food council, in the year 2019, South Korea has gone from being a peripheral seafood market to Asia’s second-largest seafood market. In Asia- Pacific’s region, South Korea is the 3rd largest economy after China and Japan. Around 20 percent of the landmass of South Korea is non-functional due to mountains. This is one of the reasons due to which Korean’s food inclination is towards seafood. South Koreans consume seafood more than any other country around the globe. According to Renub Research, South Korea Seafood Market is projected to reach US$ 13.6 Billion by 2027.

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