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Cow ghee is one of the most used item in our cooking medium in our country and which is liked for its real health value and great taste. As pure cow ghee has many health benefits, like power of digestion, and reduce extra fat etc. it also helps in increasing memory. It is one of the super foods for Indian. The consumption of pure desi ghee is good for humans as per Ayurveda. It has many kind of vitamins which is very important for body growth. Saumitr is in the list of best cow ghee in India. It comes with best quality and great taste. Saumitr is one of the most trusted ghee supplier in India. Make every dish Luxurious with our rich and premium flavor of Saumitr desi ghee.

Saumitr India's best Ghee Seller.A2 Desi Ghee is assured you that our product is inherently good and does not contain any additive or preservatives.
Saumitr Ghee is easy to store and doesn’t go bad due to temperature and humidity. It does not require refrigeration from a storage point of view.
Saumitr Desi ghee is using authenticvedic process of making A2 cow milk Ghee.

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