The Changing Landscape of Managed Services

The landscape of Managed Services is fast changing. A decade back, Managed Services would typically translate to manpower services bound with various skills, scope, SLA, and at times physical availability. The Skill requirements for the Managed Services Delivery were limited. Infrastructure typically meant on-premise hardware maintenance, network meant physical network with multiple OEM specific configurations, troubleshooting skills, and telecom support meant again OEM specific hardware and associated software maintenance skills.
Co-Existence with Cloud
Today with the fast advent of the cloud, almost every customer environment is transforming into a hybrid one. Data consistency across private-public networks is a new paradigm. Even cloud environments are multiple today. With multiple options available in IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, every business today is opting for the best suitable cloud option. What is not apparent is that, with each such venture, the operation skill set requirements keep expanding.
Technical Transformation Journey
Today, MSP does not only have to manage the On-Prem Infra but also have to ensure that every cloud platform for Infra, Platform or Software is well maintained and synchronous. With Software-defined Network and Security, with omnichannel accessibility for every application, with integration requirements and possibilities springing up every now and then, even Managed Services Operations team today must address Technical Transformations as a continuous function rather than a one-time Transition activity of earlier days.
People Skills or Organization Skills
With newer technologies coming up every other day, the older approach of fully in-house IT Operations team’s skill set is also being challenged. Unlike, earlier days, now even MSP cannot keep all necessary skills onsite and the availability of a shared pool of skills from remote delivery center becomes imperative. Gradually the perception of skill is getting changed, rather than expecting few

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