UNJHAWALA TEA is a Premium Tea processors and packers in Gujarat.

UNJHAWALA TEA is a Premium Tea processors and packers, having a presence in the tea business since 1984. Today it is the 1st largest packaged tea brand in Botad District. The group is a leading stride in tea retail consumers all over the District. With a huge number of Unjhawala tea lovers around the District, it has emerged as a truly reliable brand. The company enjoys an undisputed market presence in Botad and exploring nationwide.
Highest quality
Easy to brew, lacking bitterness no matter how it is prepared. The best teas have more flavor than bitterness.
Pure taste
You can choose tea as per your requirement. Strong and sweet tea & Mild and sweet tea are the two main options for tea.
Wide assortment
When you steeped in-room or kitchen, Unjhawala tea will be deeply aromatic and amplify the unique scents of the dry tea leaves.
Eco package
Our packaging is easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and is made out of recycled materials.
black or green — is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is not related to the gluten grains wheat.
Without GMO
Unjhawala Tea is not adding any genetically modified organism to the tea.

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