What are the Different Signs and Symptoms of a Sore Throat & Tongue?

If you are having a sore throat & tongue, then you may experience any one of these conditions or the following signs:

Tiny spots which are red or white in color on the tongue and throat
Blisters formed that contains liquid
Sore and swollen throat
Pain or difficulty in swallowing
Swelling of the tongue
Teeth becoming sensitive towards hot foods
Fever or experiencing chills or sweating along with oral irritation
Treatment Options

Determine the cause of your sore throat & tongue.
If you are smoking, then quit smoking. Set up an oral health regime by brushing after every meal.
Rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash. A mouthwash can help clean and soothe mouth ulcers and other mouth irritations.
If your sore throat & tongue are indeed caused mainly due to bad oral hygiene, then the above-discussed steps shall help in eliminating the cause and help in promoting long-term healing and balance.

With good oral care hygiene and proper dental care, you can protect your teeth and tongue from basic oral health problems and can also help yourself deal with related concerns whenever an oral issue arises.

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