Why winter is the best season for hair transplant?

Why winter is the best season for hair transplant?
Rashmi Aderao
February 18, 2022
Hair TransplantStatistics have revealed that people experiencing severe hair loss. Baldness have had their self confidence about their image impacted significantly. In fact, many are known to avoid public gatherings and social interactions altogether. Thankfully, with advanced technologies.

It is easy to get back hair with hair transplantation. One may wonder which is the best hair transplant price or cost. But with so many trichology centres. And hair specialists in the market. It has become easier to compare. Read about reviews and testimonials from clients. And then decide what is the best route to take.

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Where the hair along with their roots are taken. From the back of the head or other body parts. And then implanted in the bald area one by one. The hair from the back of the scalp, also called ‘donor site’. Is taken to the balding part of the scalp, known as ‘recipient site’. This hair restoration process is performed on men and women who have significant hair loss. Bald spots or thinning hair. Which are mostly due to genetic factors and hormones.

While it was more common to have males experiencing pattern baldness. Women have also been increasing in number owing to hormonal changes due to stress. Transplantation can also be performed to replace the hair loss due to burns. Injury or disease of the scalp. But irrespective of which gender you are. Hair transplantation has been a major self-confidence and appearance booster for those experiencing baldness.

The biggest question that looms up when anyone decides on a hair transplant. Is when is the best season to get a hair transplant done?. There have been two views to this question. While most doctors may recommend winter to be the best season for hair transplant. There are various views that have been considering summer to be the best time. But whether you choose t