Women are the luckier gender when it comes to Breast Cancer. We can easily be screened!

Here are some tips of how you can prevent yourself from being one of the statistics of cancer.

Breast cancer in India is very different from the cases in the West. While women in the West are detected in the age group of 60’s-70’s, in India, breast cancer is visible in women in their early 30’s-50’s leading to a higher loss of productive life. Our cancers are also visibly more aggressive. In the West, only 15% of the cases are advanced. In India, this number is high at 35%. Most of the cancers detected reach us in the 3rd or the 4th advanced stages where the cancer has spread to the chest and lungs unlike the West too. Screening in the West is mandatory leading to better detection and over diagnosis. In India however, screening needs to be made mandatory or atleast higher awareness for women to screen themselves regularly.

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